Under The Volcano

April 24, 2012

Right on schedule (12 days from the last eruption) Mt. Etna erupted last night. I slept through it – obviously not much seismic movement or I’d have been out of bed in a heartbeat. Apparently, it sounded like rain.

Here’s a video of the eruption:

There was lots of black pumice all over the patio of my room, in the pool,

on the deck chairs – everywhere. When we went out the shopkeepers looked a bit perturbed as they swept up the mess left behind. The car roofs and hoods were coated – I understand that most people immediately go to a wash station to get if off – you certainly couldn’t brush it off or

you’d strip your car. Roger would hate it on the “Carsenal”.

After breakfast we headed to Taormina,

a beautiful resort town with the second largest Greek theatre in Sicily. There are many shops well-known for their beautiful marzipan creations.

There are breathtaking views of Taormina Bay and Mt. Etna (puffing a bit).

The architecture and small alley streets and walks makes me glad I have a digital camera and not film – I would have gone through many rolls today.

Had my first taste of Sicilian pizza today. Very thin ,crispy crust with prosciutto and mozzarella cheese – delizioso (with hand jesture). Of course, before leaving Taormina I tried nero cioccolata (black chocolate) gelato – so much darker than dark chocolate. MMMMMMM.

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